Written by Ebony Clay


Posted on January 18 2021

When you want to buy a beauty product, and you are component-specific, you must have look at the type of formula's used to make the products. At some point you would have heard the word CBD and must have come across products labeled as having CBD, but there are three different types of them: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD, and each of them hold their significance and difference.




In this article, we are going to be dwelling on the meaning of each of the different CBD components and also how they play a role in the potency of the beauty product you are purchasing. While you might think they all mean the same, this is far from true. Each component means something different. Understanding the difference is essential for each individual as it would inform what best they need for their skin. Read on to explore the different CBD types.


What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabinoids. They refer to compounds within the Cannabis plant, and among the many compounds found in a strain, the CBD and THC are the important ones we will be dwelling on in this article.

Now that we understand what CBD means let us dive into the three different types of components and their meanings.


Full Spectrum CBD

The full spectrum CBD is an extract that contains all the existing compounds naturally occurring in a Cannabis plant. A full spectrum plant contains essential oils, terpenes, and a variety of other cannabinoids. All the components are extracted without leaving anything out for the full potency of the plant to be experienced in delivering an absolutely amazing therapeutic benefit. The effect given from a full spectrum is often described as an entourage effect.

Cannabis is characterized by having psychoactive compounds, and they are also not removed in the full spectrum CBD. This means that the full spectrum CBD has the most minimal processing and they deliver the most reactive experience on beauty products.


Broad Spectrum CBD

The broad spectrum CBD is the next after the full spectrum, and it delivers a very nice effect too. It contains all of the components found in the cannabis plant, but one thing it has missing is the THC. With the THC removed, you can enjoy your beauty product free from the psychoactive effect and still have an experience similar to the full spectrum.

So, the broad spectrum goes through a refining process and can deliver very good quality to you without ever worrying if you have skin sensitive to THC but still want to enjoy the benefits of having CBD in your product. Also, as earlier stated, there are no signs of getting high in any way; neither do you have to fear that you would be held for using drugs or anything. You get the full potency of the CBD only without the psychoactive effect over it.


Isolate CBD

Even before speaking about this third extract. We can have a sneak peek into what to expect when your product is labeled as having just isolate CBD. This means that the CBD has undergone a series of refining, and it has been brought to singularity of component. With the isolate CBD, you only have the CBD with the removal of every other intrinsic components such as other cannabinoid compounds, terpenes, and essential minerals.

It is a hemp-based plant and is also the purest form of CBD by over 99%. So, the best guess, if you choose the CBD, is that you probably have a skin that is sensitive to the other two types of CBD. However, you should never expect the same level of effect as the other two CBD variants.


The Effect of the Different CBD Types in the Potency of Beauty Benefit

For those looking to find out the effect these CBD have with regards to your beauty benefit, you should not worry much. As much as they all have their various benefits, THC is known to enhance the overall formula of the product. Removing the THC but still retaining other cannabinoids still preserves the potency of the product, but removing it completely alongside the other types of compounds would deliver a drop in performance, but they would still be as effective in improving your glow and beauty.