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Give your skin some love, and bring balance to your life with your daily ritual. Created to give you that ultimate spa like experience to make sure you are in a space to de-stress your mind, body, and soul, an to connect intimately with your significant other. Our full Harmony collection is the perfect way to treat yourself and seduce your boo.


Harmony Collection Bundle includes:

Harmony Massage Candle ( NET WT 11oz/311.8g)

Harmony Dead Sea Salt + Hyacinth Bath Salt ( NET WT 8oz/226.8g)

Harmony Organic Loose Leaf Tea (NET WT 4oz)




Harmony Massage Candle:  Keep lit candle in view and never leave lit candle unattended. Keep candle away from children and pets. Do not burn continuously for more than 4 hrs. Keep lit candles from drafts and other flammable materials. Keep candle free of dust and foreign materials. 

Warning: To avoid tunneling ensure the melted wax reaches the edge. Trim the wick 1/4" before lighting. Only burn on level, heat resistant surfaces. Extinguish if the flame is flickering repeatedly. Trim then relight . 

Harmony Dead Sea Salt + Hyacinth Bath Salt: Add at least 1/4 cup for a standard size tub. Pour salt into warm running water to help dissolve faster. For the ultimate relaxation soak for at least 15 minutes. 

Harmony Organic Loose Leaf Tea: Scoop 1.5 tsp of tea for every 8oz of water. Pour hot water over your tea. Steep your tea for 3-5 minutes.




Harmony Massage Candle: Luxury Natural maple wave wood wick massage candle that is 100% natural beeswax coconut creme blend + essential oil fragrance blend, sexy and romantic. Reminiscent of a summer night on the beach under the stars with your boo. Notes of apple blossom, lilac, hyacinth with sandlewood, violet, and amber finish. A modern aphrodisiac that will make your body one with whoever you are spending your time with.

Harmony Dead Sea Salt + Hyacinth Bath Salt: Ease tension in your body, purify your skin, and become one with your soul with this hydrating bath salt blend made with epsom salt, french grey sea salt, and coconut milk. Lavender and hyacinth are the star ingredients of this blend, and is an aromatic natural essential oil known for soothing effect on the mind , body and soul. Meanwhile , GLA- rich, derived from borage oil and apricot kernel oil, helps act like a natural eczema remedy.

Harmony Organic Loose Leaf Tea: An organic loose leaf tea that is juicy, full of sweet berries, and antioxidants. A subtle balance to invoke and bring out the sensual side of you 

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