What is Kayaire's official launch date?

February 1, 2020

When will the website launch?

Website is up right now however it is just so that customers can subscribe. once the Mailchimp thank you auto reply is finished by my graphic designer is done i will post it on all forums. My blog is finished as well and will launch on Monday.

How do you select the ingredients, formulations, and products carried in the line?

The ingredients and formulation for our line are all natural ingredients that provide extra moisture to help sooth and calm dry irritated skin.

Is the collection full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD?

Kayaire Imported skincare line is infused with high quailty Full Spectrum CBD

Where are the ingredients sourced from and formulated in?

All ingredients are sourced from California.

How is applying CBD topically beneficial?

Adding CBD topical is beneficial because of the anti inflammatory properties works with your immune system using the endocannabinoid receptors that are already found within our skin. So when you add CBD on top of what we already have it helps fight against skin problems and normalizes it. I highly recommend to take it orally as well as using it in your skincare routine, its always better to help fight issues from the inside as well as the outside.