Kayaire works with the sole mission:

To utilize the CBD benefits in luxury cosmetics for minority women and men, and persons with special skincare needs.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis plant and used for its medicinal and herbal properties. It is used in several cosmetics and is known for its use in reducing acne, relieving pain and benefits for heart health. Kayaire works hard to bring to use the positive effects of cannabidiol taking mankind back to organic and plant-based products.


Cosmetic industries today are bedazzled with numerous synthetic and chemical-based products which may cause harm to human health and skin in the long run. From makeup products to skincare cosmetics, potentially harmful chemical products are a part of our everyday lives.

Kayaire envisions:

Developing a world where plant-based organic products will substitute the synthetic chemical-based products harmful for skin and insufficient/inadequate to fulfill the demands of people with skin problems.

Our Beliefs: 

We believe in two maxims:

Women Empowerment and Embracing Oneself’.

We will offer product's that help women and men own their skin, feel comfortable in it; which in turn will make them confident in every walk of their lives.

Why Us?

Kayaire is a brand name for personalized skincare products best for colored skin types and dark skin tones.

Nourish and protect:

We nourish and protect your skin by contributing to the root causes of your skin problems by visibly diminishing issues.


Our products are 100% safe-to-use, certified organic, crulety free, and contains no GMO.