About US

Kayaire addresses the skincare needs of minority women and men, especially the individuals suffering from psoriasis, eczema, and acne or any skin issue. Kayaire is a safe-to-use luxury brand that uplifts, rejuvenates and furnishes your skin with a much-wanted radiating glow, and finishes we all long for.

Kayaire explores the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis plant (CBD) and uses them to create healthy, safe and beneficial products that serve the needs of everyone.


​It all began back in 2016 when I started dealing with work-related stress of going out to sea, missing school functions with my kids and long hours I started dealing with psoriasis on my face, hands, lips, inner-ear s, and scalp. During this time, I was prescribed over 4 different steroid creams and foams to try to battle this flaky pink bleeding skin, two years into using these creams I got so tired of using steroids due to the discoloration it gave the non-flacking pink skin I started researching different natural remedies. An one day I was searching the net and I ran across an article about CBD benefits on the skin and gave it a try, and I’m so thankful I did because I’ve been using it ever since. Realizing how unheard of was the CBD skincare market within the minority community, despite its sensational benefits for women of color and sensitive skin types, I decided to come up with my own company and brand with the purpose to make sure that women that look just like me will know that there is someone out there working to provide high quality, yet natural and certified organic CBD skincare line specifically with them in mind. A brand that I am a living testimony to because I use it myself.